Choose the right boat

There are a wide variety of sailing boats in LM yachting fleet, ranging from small and fast Elan 340 up to big luxury cruising yachts such as Sun Odyssey 519. But how can you figure out which one is right for you?

Choosing a boat depends on deciding a layout and size. Next step is to determine the number of people in your crew, your budget, your sailing skills, crfew abilities and your desired comfort level.

If you are still in doubts what kind of sailboat would be most suitable for your sailing, do not hesitate to contact us via or make an old-fashioned phone call to +386 (0)30 464 535 and we will help you explain what attributes are important and what might not be so important for your sailboat selection, all with your satisfaction in mind.

The booking procedure

Once we have figured out what boat from your fleet suits your wishes the most, we can proceed with the booking. Normally a 4 days option is placed on selected boat , so you have some time to discuss boat selection with other crew members.

When final decision for the boat has been taken, just send us short mail and we will reply you with booking confirmation notification. At this time we will ask you to read&sign the »General terms&conditions« and pay first 50% of the charter fee. Remaining 50% of charter fee is to be paid one month before check in.

Prepare for the charter

You have selected and reserved sailing boat, so now you have plenty of time to start planning you sailing adventure. If you need some tips where to set your course, do not forget to check our suggested weekly routes here

Most first time charterers pack way too much stuff.  Life on board is simple and casual, and you really don’t need loads of clothes and accessories. When packing, put all of the clothes and accessories you have chosen out on your bed, then put half of them back. Always use soft bags for your luggage as on board there is no spare space for big hard suitcases. 

If you don't want to waste your valuable holiday time shopping under a hot croatian sun, you can do it in advance, right now from the comfort of your sofa. Click here Once your vacation starts, spend it enjoying yourself like you deserve! Everything you order will await for you aboard your chartered sailboat once you arrive!

Check in day

Once you arrive at our charter base in Marina Kornati, Biograd you will be greeted by our office staff. Normally check in are expected to be after the 17:00. In case you arrive earlier, feel free to come by our offices, that are located right of the restaurant, and check what the estimated time of the take-over is. We will do our best to prepare the boat as soon as possible, but all this depends on how busy we are that day and what tehnical repairs have to be done on board, so your chartered boat will be in perfect condition, before you check in.. For the check in please prepare your boarding pass, sailing and VHF licence and have a valid debit/credit card with apropriate financial limit or enough cash for the deposit. For the faster check in procedure you are kindly asked to fill in provided e-crew list in advance

Once paperwork has been done, our skippers will accompany you to our sailboat and technical check in will be given. Check in lasts about 45 minutes and boat captain is introduced to the important boat features and safety procedures. After check-in papers are signed from both parties, you are welcome to board the sailboat and sail away.

During the charter

The base manager and our technical crew will be your contact persons for any assistance you may need during your vacation.  If any of the equipment on the boat does not work as it should, please notify LM Yachting immediately. Our 24/7 telephone assistance is backed by the service speed boat, so in case of any technical problems please call our helpline +385 99 3303 100 and our highly trained crew will help you with instructions or be with you in no time.

Check out day

All nice things come to an end and so is your charter time.  Although your charter period is Saturday –Suturday we recommend to return in our Base in Marina Kornati on Friday afternoon/evening and do the check-out procedure. Of course you are welcome to spend the last night on boat, but no latter that 08:00 next morning yacht must emptied and ready for the check-out inspection, when the skipper and LM yachting staff checks the boat. If no damage is reported or found on yacht and yacht inventory, the security deposit is returned in full and you may leave the base.


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